Microneedling Near Me: The Anti-Aging Power of Microneedling

If you begin looking into microneedling on Instagram or Google images, you could get frightened by the pictures you see. These photos can be shocking because the procedure includes using small needles that prick the skin and cause bleeding. It could not seem like a great plan to put a bunch of needles into your face, but this starts a process that refreshes your skin, and many people are really happy with the outcomes.

Below is a comprehensive guide to help you understand this popular procedure better.


Microneedling brings many good things to your skin. It’s becoming really popular because it has lots of benefits. People say it makes your skin fresher and fuller with just a bit of discomfort and hardly any time to rest, and it can be changed to fit what you need.

The good things about microneedling are:

  • Making scars look less noticeable, even acne scars
  • Making small lines and wrinkles on your skin less obvious
  • Making big pores seem smaller
  • Making dark spots, like when you have different colors on your skin, look less obvious.
  • Making skin that’s not the same color all over look smoother
  • Helping your skin to stretch better
  • Making stretch marks look less noticeable
  • Making scars look less obvious
  • Helping hair to grow in people with alopecia, which is when you lose hair

How Does Microneedling Contribute To Anti Aging

Aging doesn’t only appear as wrinkles and spots. Our skin loses its stretchiness when we grow older, so it looks less tight. Older skin will also seem dim and not have that shiny glow. 

But microneedling can help with this. This treatment takes care of all these skin issues on the surface by helping skin cells renew and making proteins that support the skin.

The microinjuries caused by microneedling can fortify your skin to fight sagging by encouraging it to produce more collagen. And just one day after a session, you’ll notice a bright, new shine on your skin.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment


First, you’ll talk with professionals at a beauty clinic to check if this treatment is right for your skin concerns. Discuss your worries and talk about what you can expect from the treatment. Skincare habits and any past cosmetic treatments you’ve had will also be asked.

Getting Ready for Treatment

Before your appointment, here are the things to do for at least a day:

  • Stop using Retinol products.
  • Don’t use products with alcohol.
  • Don’t wear sunscreen or makeup.
  • Wash your face before coming.
  • Take out any face jewelry and put your hair back from your face on that day.

Treatment Process

Step One: Numbing and Cleaning

The professionals at an aesthetic clinic will put a numbing cream on your skin for about 10 to 20 minutes before the treatment procedure. Once your skin is numb, they clean off the cream and dirt, oil, or makeup.

Step Two: Needling

A trained person will use a needling device to make tiny holes in your skin, except under your eyes and lips. This is done in sections to make sure all parts of your skin are treated. After needling, your skin will be cleaned again.

Step Three: Serum

At the end of your appointment, they often put a serum with vitamins on your skin. This helps your skin heal and take in extra nutrients. They’ll pick the perfect serum for your skin before your appointment.

After Treatment Guidelines

Below are the things to do after your appointment. It’s really important to follow these because your skin will feel more sensitive for the first 24 to 72 hours. Some things you’ll need to do are:

  • Don’t use acid or Retinol products.
  • Stay away from strong sunlight, too much heat, and sweating.
  • Don’t go swimming.
  • Don’t wash your skin too hard.
  • We could give you special things to use after your appointment to help your skin improve and add to your skincare routine.


Most people feel better within 1 to 3 days. You don’t need a lot of time to recover from this treatment. Following the after-treatment guidelines and putting on sunscreen after 72 hours when you’re outside, you can return to your regular activities.


microneedling procedure


Who is a Candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling has both beauty and health uses. You would want microneedling if you’re worried about:

  • Big pores.
  • Lines or wrinkles that aren’t deep.
  • Skin that’s loose or thin and has wrinkles.
  • Small scars, especially from acne or burns.
  • Skin that’s not the same color or has uneven color.
  • Marks from stretching, like during pregnancy.

The treatment can also help people who have health issues like:

  • Alopecia areata makes your hair fall out because of a body problem.
  • Hyperhidrosis, which makes you sweat a lot.

Sometimes, doctors use microneedling to give medicines or vaccines straight into your skin. This could be part of a sticker you put on yourself instead of getting shots at the doctor.

Who Shouldn’t Get Microneedling?

Before you get microneedling, talk to your doctor if you:

  • Have acne, or are you taking medicine for it?
  • Have blood problems or are on drugs that stop blood from clotting.
  • Have cancer and are getting chemo or radiation.
  • Often get rashes on your skin or cold sores.
  • Get hard, raise scars, or your skin changes.
  • Have spots or growths that change or bleed.
  • Have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis.

Side Effects

Just like other beauty treatments, microneedling can have some risks. The most usual thing that could happen is your skin getting a bit annoyed right after. Your skin could look red for a few days.

If you see more serious problems, like:

  • Your skin bleeding
  • Having blue or black spots
  • Getting an infection
  • Your skin peeling

You should tell your doctor.

Consult With The Leading Local Aesthetic Clinic Near You

Microneedling is a strong way to fight aging. It helps your skin by making collagen, which is good for wrinkles and skin texture. This special treatment uses your body’s healing power to make your skin look younger and brighter.

But like any skin treatment, microneedling needs good care afterward, and you should think about possible problems. To do this safely, it’s smart to ask our skilled skin professional. As you look for “microneedling near me,” we at Fountain Aesthetics can help you through the process and ensure you get perfect results.

Remember, age isn’t the most important thing. With the right help, your skin can stay beautiful. Call us to book your consultation.