Slimmer Jawline with Masseter Botox: A Non-Surgical Solution

A study from 2020 found that stressed people have a significantly higher chance (97%) of developing bruxism. It is a dental condition where you grind or clench your teeth, leading to overworking the masseter muscle. Many don’t realize that we clench our jaws when stressed, whether during the day or at night. If you wake up with jaw pain, you might be grinding your teeth in your sleep. 

Masseter Botox is a type of botox that can be used to treat this teeth-grinding issue. The muscle in the jaw enlarges when you clench or grind your teeth, causing pain and even headaches. Dentists  suggest wearing a night guard or doing jaw exercises, but some may prefer another solution.

Masseter Botox injections offer a solution in this scenario. They are administered every three to eight months directly into the masseter muscle on both sides of the jaw. This procedure relaxes and reshapes the muscle effectively. This enlargement can cause facial widening and jaw tension and Masseter Botox can effectively target and resolve both of these concerns.

What Is Masseter Botox?

This is when botox is injected into the masseter muscle around the jaw angle. This treatment is only done if the masseter muscle is larger than usual and causing certain symptoms. These symptoms often occur in patients who grind their teeth, clench their jaws, have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), or suffer from temporal headaches.

The masseter muscle facilitates chewing. Injecting Botox into this muscle reduces the tension caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This injection causes the masseter muscle to shrink, leading to a decrease in undesired muscle contractions within the jaw. 

Patients will then notice a reduction in jaw discomfort, tension, headaches, and tooth damage. These changes contribute to a more slender jawline. Despite undergoing this treatment, patients retain the ability to move their jaw freely and maintain normal chewing functionality.

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Who Is a Good Botox Candidate?

A good candidate for this treatment is someone who has discomfort or unwanted changes in their appearance because of overactive masseter muscles. This includes people with teeth grinding, jaw clenching, TMD, or headaches caused by jaw tension. It can help by reducing the size and strength of the masseter muscles, providing relief from these issues.

On the other hand, some people may not be suitable candidates for this botox treatment. This includes pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with Botox or cow’s milk protein allergies, or people with neuromuscular disorders or keloidal scarring. 

Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder, who have a distorted perception of their appearance, or those with unrealistic expectations about the treatment’s results may not be the right candidates for this treatment.

How Is This Botox Treatment Used For?

Masseter Botox is also known as “jaw botox” that treats conditions caused by tight masseter muscles. This treatment is used for cosmetic purposes to make the face look slimmer by reducing the size of the jaw muscles.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can happen while awake or during sleep. Many people, including children and adults, experience this condition. Botox injections into the masseter muscle are more effective in treating teeth grinding than traditional methods like mouth guards or therapy. Botox can decrease grinding force and frequency and also reduce pain.

Jaw Pain and Clenching

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction causes jaw muscle and joint pain. Thus, leading to stiffness, locking, and clicking of the jaw. Research has confirmed that Botox injected into the masseter muscle can effectively decrease jaw pain and clenching.


Tension headaches, the most common type associated with TMJ dysfunction, result from muscle tension and tightness. This can treat TMD by relieving muscle tension around the temples.

Changing Face Shape

The masseter muscles contribute to the square shape of the jawline. By injecting Botox into these muscles, their strength weakens, leading to a softer and slimmer face appearance.

Botox can also be used in other areas of the face to reduce the amount of gum shown when smiling by affecting other facial muscles.

What Is The Procedure For Masseter Botox Treatment?

Getting Botox in the masseter muscles is a quick and simple procedure that doesn’t require a hospital visit.

Before the Procedure

Before getting masseter Botox, talking to a healthcare provider is essential. They will ask thoroughly about your medical history, medications, and allergies. They’ll discuss what you hope to achieve with the treatment and any possible complications.

During the Procedure

The Botox injection is done at the healthcare provider’s office, usually taking 15 minutes. The provider will clean the areas to be injected and may use numbing cream to make it more comfortable. Then, a tiny needle will inject the Botox into the masseter muscles. The number of injections and the amount of Botox may vary depending on the person.

After Treatment

After the procedure, there’s no recovery time needed. Do not rub or massage the injected area. Doing so could cause Botox to spread to other parts of the face, leading to facial weakness or drooping.

Botox takes a few days to a week to take full effect. The results usually last for three to four months.

Masseter Botox Before and After 

One great thing about Botox is that you don’t need any downtime. Right after the injections, you can return to your normal routine, but there are a few things to remember. For the first 24 hours, it’s best to avoid intense activities like exercising and drinking alcohol. Also, be careful not to put pressure on or rub the treated area, as it could cause bruising. And get away from direct sunlight as much as you can. 

You’ll start to see the early results of the masseter muscle Botox after about 1-3 days of getting the injections. The full therapeutic effects will be seen within one to two weeks.

Keep in mind that Botox results aren’t permanent. After some time, you might notice the effects wearing off and the symptoms of teeth clenching or grinding returning. This usually happens around three to four months after the treatment. You’ll need regular follow-up treatments to maintain the results and reduce teeth clenching.

Side Effects 

Like any Botox treatment, there may be side effects, but they are usually mild. These can include:

  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling

There are some additional side effects to consider:

  • Weakened jaw muscles: Your jaw muscles might feel weaker, making chewing and biting challenging.
  • Asymmetrical smile: If the injections are not placed correctly, it can affect other facial muscles, causing asymmetry.
  • Dry mouth: If Botox gets into nearby salivary glands by mistake, you may experience dry mouth for a few weeks.
  • Unusual bulging: Rarely, if Botox only relaxes one part of the muscle, it may cause bulging when you close your mouth and clench your teeth. However, this can be corrected with more injections and is quite rare, happening in only about 0.49% of cases.

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Botox usually lasts around three to four months. However, when it’s used in higher doses for masseters, the effects can extend up to six months.

It usually requires 20 to 30 units of Botox to make the masseter muscle smaller. While this may seem like a lot, it’s the usual amount needed. Depending on the desired outcome, the dosage can be adjusted higher or lower. If you’re considering this treatment, talk to a qualified provider to ensure you achieve the best results.

The cost will depend on how many injection sites are needed and the amount of Botox used. On average, Masseter Botox may cost you around $625 – $1000.

After the treatment, many people see a clear decrease in the size of their masseter muscles within one to two weeks. However, it may take up to four weeks for the full effect of the procedure to be visible. Once the masseter muscles start to shrink, you’ll notice that your jawline looks slimmer and more defined. The effects of jawline botox usually last 4-6 months before the muscle regains its function and the treatment’s effects fade away.