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Hair loss is an incredibly difficult battle to fight and affects millions of men and women every year around the world. It can be emotionally draining on the confidence and damaging to the self-esteem of those who suffer from it. Luckily, the treatment methods and technology behind hair restoration have taken huge strides forward in recent years. The technology available for hair loss treatment today is far and away superior to the methods used in the past. This means individuals who suffer from loss of hair have far more effective options available to them now than ever before. 

What are your options?

If you suffer from hair loss, you have a wide range of treatment options available to you. These treatment options are non-invasive and aimed at restoring your very own natural hair. You no longer have to undergo a long drawn out procedure with painful recovery. You can regrow your very own hair to its former glory. Our experts will work with you to understand your needs, your prognosis, and your plan of action for full hair restoration.

Laser Cap Treatment is an incredible leap of technology that can restore your hair, and leave you feeling confident and whole again. It utilizes high powered laser light treatment in a device that can be worn under any hat or cap for discreet use during your day. The laser treatment provides stimulus to damaged hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp throughout the day, pain-free. 

How does it work?

Laser cap treatment is a safe and innovative way of generating hair growth from your own home without the need for painful and expensive procedures. It works by:

  • Increasing circulation in the scalp.
  • Encouraging nutrient absorption in the hair follicles.
  • Reducing inflammation in the hair follicles.
  • Encouraging hair regrowth by repairing the hair follicles. 

The laser cap insert is a rechargeable device that can be placed in any hat for secure placement and worn for about 30 minutes daily during treatment. It can be worn in any setting in which you will be able to put on a hat. Inside or outside, at home or work, this treatment is easy and discreet. Laser cap is perfect for men or women who are experiencing thinning or loss of hair. 

In addition, your treatment process will be overseen and monitored by a professional physician hair loss expert who will track your progress, and offer any necessary advice for your treatment.

For those who suffer from hair loss in the Delta area, you have options. Laser cap can restore and regrow your very own natural and healthy hair. Talk to our team at Fountain Aesthetics today to learn more about our treatments.


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