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If you have unwanted facial hair, you have likely already tried methods such as shaving with a razor, waxing, plucking and other methods which can be painful, difficult, and simply not efficient in removing your facial hair. Laser facial hair removal is an increasingly popular type of facial hair removal thanks to how well it works in addition to its longer-lasting effects, safety and its lack of serious downtime or side effects. Let’s take a closer look at laser facial hair removal and why more and more people are choosing this procedure.

Benefits of Laser Facial Hair Removal

There are many benefits to laser hair removal. These benefits include being able to permanently reduce your hair in a safe manner using FDA approved laser technology; increasing your self-confidence and happiness in your appearance; and eliminating razor burns, skin irritation and other side effects of standard hair removal methods.

Notably, laser facial hair removal is much gentler on the skin than everyday hair removal using lasers or wax. Laser facial hair removal is particularly beneficial due to the fact that the skin on your face is very sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body.

Laser facial hair removal treatments take only minutes and work in an effective, safe manner by actually destroying your hair’s dark pigment at the root. Best of all, there is practically no downtime, so you can easily fit in laser facial hair removal sessions during your lunch hour at work!

Who Receives Facial Hair Removal?

Men and women can receive facial hair removal for many different reasons. The primary reason why people seek out laser facial hair removal is the long-lasting effects, the gentleness of the procedure and the fact that it eliminates the side effects experienced with traditional shaving methods like razors, wax and so on.

Laser facial hair removal is more common in women who want to eliminate hair on their face in order to improve their self-confidence and reduce the need for frequent removal using razors and other traditional methods. It is common for women who need to shave anywhere on their face or neck to experience skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn and other problems that can be painful or even unsightly.

Some women may seek out laser hair removal due to hair growth caused by medical conditions. Women who have PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, frequently experience thick facial hair growth in areas such as the chin, neck, upper lip, and sides of their face. Laser hair removal can be the best way to help manage PCOS hair growth in a safe, efficient and gentle manner without the need for constant touch-ups with razors.

Men can get laser facial hair removal as well. Men may want laser hair removal in order to sidestep the chances of painful razor bumps, itchy growing hairs, and skin irritation. The most common areas for laser hair removal for men are the back of the neck, the neckline, and full beard removal.

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Laser Hair Removal
Per SessionPackage of 5 (Buy 3, get 2 free)

Type of Appointment Length of Time Cost Per Session Packages & Other Quantity Costs
Upper Lip 15mins $80 $240
Side burns & Cheeks 20mins $150 $450
Chin 15mins $80 $240
Full Face 20mins $250 $750
Back of neck 20mins $150 $450
Armpits 15mins $125 $375
Half Arms 15mins $250 $750
Full Arms 15mins $375 $1,125
Areola 30mins $60 $180
Abdomen 15mins $175 $525
Brazillian (front side only) 20mins $200 $600
Brazilian (front & back side) 30mins $275 $825
Bikini Line 15mins $125 $375
Extended Bikini Line 15mins $75 $225
Full leg 30mins $700 $2,100
Lower leg 20mins $425 $1,275
Men’s Laser Hair Removal Per Session Package of 5 (Buy 3, get 2 free)
Beard Lining (top cheeks) 15mins $75 $225
Neck (front or back) 15mins $200 $600
Underarm 15mins $150 $450
Chest 20mins $300 $900
Stomach 30mins $300 $900
Upper Back 20mins $400 $1,200
Lower Back 20mins $325 $975
Full Back 30mins $650 $1,950
Groin Line 15mins $150 $450
Manzilian (shaft, base, testicles, area between testicles & anus) 30mins $350 $1,050
Between buttocks 20mins $200 $600
Full Buttock 30mins $400 $1,200